Young Health Programme


YHP programmes are developed to meet local needs and resources and are executed in over thirty countries globally by NGO partners, often with AstraZeneca employees volunteering their support.

Young Leaders

We are privileged to work with many inspiring young people to make change happen in youth health.

Step Up! Grants

Step Up! provides grants of up to US$10,000 to help small, innovative, youth-focused non-profits develop and deliver effective health promotion programmes.

Since its launch in 2010, the Young Health Programme (YHP) has reached over 40* million young people with information about non-communicable disease (NCD) risk behaviours. Working in partnership with over 30 not-for-profit organisations around the world, the YHP has trained over 190,000 young people in the delivery of interventions and over 74,000 frontline health workers in adolescent health. The YHP is currently running in 34 countries globally. We are proud that to date almost 10,000 employees have volunteered over 58,000 hours in YHP activities.

The YHP has had proven impact in reducing NCD risk factors in communities around the world. The results of independent qualitative and quantitative research revealed that the YHP leads to sustained behaviour change among youth, as shown in our Impact Report from programmes in Brazil, India, Indonesia and Kenya.

Some behaviours that we target, including air pollution, physical inactivity, poor diet, excessive alcohol and tobacco use, and ill mental health, can be largely down to personal choices, but these and other factors are also heavily affected by social and environmental influences, and by policy. Making a significant impact is a huge task that we cannot complete on our own, so we aim to catalyse action on a broader scale through:


inclusive, community-based education and training programmes that empower young people with knowledge and skills to help them make informed health choices for longer and healthier lives.


advocacy initiatives that put NCD prevention and adolescent health on the local, national and global policy agenda and provide a platform for the voice and leadership of youth to be heard.


young leaders and youth-serving organisations through mentorship, scholarships, grants and learning opportunities to foster sustainable, collective leadership focused on improving youth health.


in new research to address gaps in knowledge and build evidence about adolescent health to increase understanding and inform decision-making.

Access to healthcare at AstraZeneca is about working towards a future where all people have access to sustainable healthcare solutions for life-changing treatment and prevention. Through the YHP, we are accelerating the delivery of sustainable healthcare and using our capabilities to strengthen health systems and improve equitable access.

YHP activities support the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goal Target 3.4 - to reduce premature deaths linked to NCDs by one third by 2030 and promote mental health and wellbeing.

*As of December 2021, the YHP has directly reached over six million and indirectly reached over 34 million young people.

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