The Young Health Programme is committed to supporting the voices of young people and ensuring the delivery of health services that are appropriate to them and their needs.

In 2002 the WHO published ‘Adolescent Friendly Health Services – A Call to Action’, which set out the pressing need to improve access to healthcare for adolescents.

It pointed out that young people can be particularly vulnerable and likely to take up behaviours such as smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, lack of exercise and poor diet – all factors that could impair their longer-term health and life prospects. Challenges related to sexual and reproductive health also significantly impact young people’s health outcomes. For this reason, the YHP advocates for the provision of adolescent-friendly health services and the creation of enabling environments for healthy choices.

The way we live is largely driven by our environment, and the opportunities available to us. This is why government policies, regulations or laws that support healthy lifestyles and discourage risky behaviours are so critical to reversing the growth in NCDs.

The YHP supports the voices of young people calling for positive change through Global and Local advocacy. We support young leaders in advocating for improved measures to support adolescent health and NCD prevention.

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