The Young Health Programme is committed to supporting the voices of young people and advocating for health services that are appropriate and accessible to them and their needs.

Postcards to Power

In 2019 we asked some of the young people with whom we work to share their biggest concerns when it comes to their health: what do they want to change?

We asked them to write these concerns on postcards to reach leaders participating in the first High Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage in New York in September 2019; their issues are enduring.

Below are some of these youth voices from Brazil, India, Indonesia and Kenya. Click on a picture to see what they had to say.

More focus on the welfare of adolescents

Adolescents are often largely ignored as a priority group by public health authorities at international national and local levels.

Greater access to health facilities

Health facilities can be difficult for adolescents to access because they aren’t close by, or open at convenient times or don’t have a mix of staff of different genders who are trained to look after adolescent concerns – especially about sexual and reproductive health

Improved access to health information

Basic information about sexual and reproductive health, mental health, and alcohol and drug dependency is often inadequate or unavailable and there is a lack of counsellors and sympathetic staff, especially to help girls.

Controls on tobacco, alcohol and other drugs

Regulations and controls on the production, sale and use of potentially addictive substances are often not enacted or enforced.

Support for adolescent mental health

Depression and other mental health conditions are common in adolescence, but support is scarce and much needed.

More care of the environment

The quality of the local environment from being able to exercise in parks to the air that they breathe can have a profound effect on their health and welfare

The YHP supports the voices of young people like these pressing for improved measures to support adolescent health and NCD prevention through Global and Local advocacy.

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