Local Advocacy

Global advocacy is vital in setting the agenda, but local advocacy is crucial to making change happen on the ground.

The YHP supports local groups that wish to take action and helps the genuine voices of young people to be heard. These activities are often closely related to our on-the-ground programmes and can bring new perspectives to local and national policy.

Through NCD Child, the YHP has supported a series of regional advocacy workshops that bring together the very different views, experiences and resources of national governments, healthcare practitioners, NGOs and young people.

We have also supported local initiatives, for example:

In Kenya we worked with Rise Up to set up Champions for Change (C4C) based around a one-week capacity-building workshop. This organically evolved into a Coalition of Youth Advocacy (COYA) who have actively engaged with the Nairobi authorities to make health information more available and to make much better use of some facilities that were underutilised. As Chantal Hildebrand of Rise Up, put it ‘[COYA] shared their experiences and made concrete asks of the Government officials. They were very moving. You could see the impact that they had on everyone in the room’.

In Brazil, our long-running project with Plan International UK led to our peer educators providing advice to the Health Secretariat Office in the State of Maranhão on the Plano de Trabalho e Avaliacão – the state level guidance to municipal health service agencies. They identified gaps in the current guidance on youth participation and approaches to combatting NCDs, and worked to resolve them.

In Delhi, India another long-running project with Plan International UK led to peer educators being asked to provide advice on how to engage young people by the Indian Government’s Rashtriva Kishor Swasthya Karyakram (RKSK) programme. This is tackling poor nutrition reproductive health, substance abuse and other behaviours that can negatively impact young people’s life chances.

In Canada the YHP has supported the Health Rights and Responsibilities project with its charitable partner, The Sandbox Project. This provides an opportunity for young people from the Young Canadians Roundtable on Health to share evidence-based best practices on research and advocacy to assist on health policy. It also created a letter writing campaign to raise awareness of youth health rights among MPs.

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