Non Communicable Diseases Alliance of Kenya (NCDAK): The Co-Benefit Project -NCDs Youth and Climate Change (Kenya)

The NCDAK is an organisation based in Kenya working towards achieving an NCD free society. By partnering with multi-sectoral stakeholders,such as the Kenyan Ministry of Health, promotional and advocacy activities are put in place towards the prevention and control of NCDs. A primary focus for the group is the diet and physical activity of youth within Nairobi, due to a rapid increase of fast-food outlets, as well as the resulting issues towards food wastage that have come about.

The Co-Benefit project aims to target these social issues and consequential NCDs, through developing activities centred around diet, physical activity and climate change education, through adopting innovative, technology-driven approaches. Tailored specifically towards youths, some of the project’s goals are to produce infographic-based educational materials, update their NCDs 365 App and Fafanuka platform, as well as conducting quarterly surveys to gauge and examine behaviour change within the areas of concern.

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