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Bive – Live your 13 Route

Bive is a social business that works to improve access to health care services for 21,000 rural, low-income, Colombians.

Bive will develop the leadership capabilities of 500 rural youth and help them make healthier life decisions, and they, in turn, will help 500 rural families in the Caldas Department of Colombia make improvements to their health.

The program, Bive tu Ruta 13, "Live your 13 Route", trains young people, between the ages of 15 and 18, and teachers from three rural schools, to become community health leaders. These community health leaders who will be trained in peer-to-peer educational methodology, will share their knowledge on cardiovascular, sexual, reproductive and mental health with young people, aged 11 to 15.

These young people will involve their families in their educational process through the Reta tu Salud "Challenge your Health" game, a strategy that promotes daily health challenges for the families. Through this game we will be able to help 2,100 rural, low-income families incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives.

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