ROCOCO COMMUNICATION SELF HELP GROUP: Building Adaptive Capacity through Sustainable Food, Nutrition, Security and Awareness, Building on Non-Communicable Diseases Among Youths

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact upon youths in Mois Bridge, Kenya.To support the vulnerable and elderly during this time, many have had to take up the role of main breadwinner for their extended families. However, due to challenges faced, such as low incomes, limited job opportunities and a lack of education, they have been unable to adequately do so, making malnutrition an inevitable consequence.

To tackle these areas of hardship faced by youths, the project aims to educate this population on nutrition, food security and climate change. Additionally, they will be equipped with skills necessary to help combat the development of NCDs within society and positively impact their quality of life. For these goals to be attainable, the group has identified that local sectors of health, education, and agriculture will need to collaborate in order for a successful approach to be formed, and for efforts towards creating positive change to be initiated.Rococo Communication Self Help Group

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