Identifying positive health actions and implementing health action plans with young adolescents (Mozambique)

Children for health

The young adolescents that we work with in Mozambique have many cares and responsibilities. These 10-14 year olds spilt their days between looking after their siblings, taking care of the household chores, supporting their grandparents and trying to get an education.

Our aim is to help them and their friends and families to have healthier lives – and for others to recognise and appreciate all of the work that they undertake.  

We encourage the young people to work together to create and deliver their own health action plans and to talk to their parents and others indirectly – just as children chatting. This makes it easier for them to be listened to whether it is about spending scarce money on soap, trying to eat a more balanced diet or combatting malaria.

Some of our friends wanted to say thank you to AstraZeneca

The Step Up! Grant from AstraZeneca has been especially helpful in developing our approach and we are now having productive discussions with education authorities about how to take this further. The grant has also highlighted an issue in programme delivery - in these communities some of the children are thin from poor nutrition and encouraging physical activity beyond football, dancing and schoolyard games seemed inappropriate for this group. 

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