Innovations for Development (I4DEV): Integrated indoor air quality improvement project (Uganda)

Innovations for Development aims to promote and defend the health and education rights of the current and future generation of Ugandans. To build a society where all people attain the highest possible health and education. Respecting, protecting, and fulfilling human rights. Enhancing gender equality. Empowering vulnerable populations. Ensuring that data and evidence are used to inform policies and programs to improve lives; while adhering to legal, ethical, and prudent operational and risk management practices in the performance of all activities.

For a country like Uganda that has majority youth population, involving the youth as leaders to drive the change of using more reliable and efficient sources of energy, will not only help in the economic sense, but also improve the lives of communities. As young people are more inclined to take up ideas they get from peers, this brings about an easier adoptability of the concept. The project aims to focus on prioritising more economical energy usage to improve cooking methods, reduce pollution and empower the youth as advocates for change.