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Unified Generation, Healthy Generation (El Salvador and Mexico)

Youth in Mexico have many unmet health needs. This is especially true for young people with intellectual disabilities (ID). This can be because of lack of education about how to stay in good health and lack of access to basic health services, often because health professionals don’t know how to provide care for people with ID. Special Olympics Mexico equips health professionals with the knowledge and skills to care for people with ID. They, in turn, help us train youth with and without intellectual disabilities, empowering them with knowledge about health promotion and their rights, helping us get closer to achieving inclusive health!

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Anjela Jenkins

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, but they are already the influencers of today, they have values, desires for change and growth within the community. Unified Youth Health Messenger trainings will build youth leadership skills in health through knowledge transfer and skill development, help direct peers toward healthy lifestyles, and raise their voices in the call for inclusion. Our school-based approach integrates sports and health programming to develop and demonstrate the capacities of people with intellectual disabilities and to build understanding and acceptance of people with this condition or others in schools and communities, this project will highlight the urgency and feasibility of creating inclusive societies.

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