YHP programmes are developed to meet local needs and resources and are executed in over twenty countries globally by NGO partners, often with AstraZeneca employees volunteering their support.

The activities range widely in scope and scale from relatively small programmes such as our work with the streetchildren of Hamburg and Wedel in Germany; to large-scale community health education programmes in BrazilKenya and India; to the At My Best schools programme in Canada which focuses on  physical activity, healthy eating, and emotional wellbeing. All are aimed at providing young people with better health choices to give them brighter life chances.


These are our current ‘live’ programmes - to see our completed programmes please click here


UNICEF advocacy as an accelerator country.

Australia - Kitchen Gardens

Developing professional learning and educational resources for secondary school educators to deliver hands-on pleasurable food education.


UNICEF advocacy as an accelerator country


Programme addressing NCDs and sexual and reproductive health in Sao Paolo (2020 - 2025). UNICEF advocacy as an accelerator country

Bulgaria - the Capable

Tackling tobacco smoking by promoting positive role models

Canada – At My Best and the YCRH

Long-running schools programme for kindergarten to grade 6 on physical activity, healthy eating, and emotional wellbeing


Building knowledge and skills to combat air and water pollution for voung migrants to cities, and for those left behind in rural areas.


Addressing NCD risks in three localities in Bogota


Addressing NCD risks in five districts in Cairo


Working to improve the educational and employment prospects of young people from minorities in Paris and Hauts-de-France.


Helping street youth in Hamburg to reintegrate with society.

Hong Kong

Supporting youth who play sports and their sports coaches with ways to manage their own, and their peers’, mental health more effectively.


Well-established programme addressing NCDs and sexual and reproductive health around Delhi.


Indonesia addressing NCD risks in four districts of the capital Jakarta. UNICEF advocacy as an accelerator country


UNICEF advocacy as an accelerator country


Supporting children’s cafeterias with nutritional education to enable young people to live healthier lives.


Kenya addressing NCD risks in thirteen villages in Mathare and five villages in Kibera, Nairobi.


Supporting the mental health of young people in Seoul


Peer educator led programme in Mexico City neighbourhoods


Schools-based education on healthy lifestyle habits, and encouraging sports to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease later in life.


Improving health education and sport facilities for children in orphanages.


Focus on changing youth attitudes to smoking.


School resources to combat obesity

South Africa

UNICEF advocacy as an accelerator country


Encouraging sex education, healthy eating habits and prevention of drug addiction for young people.


Communicating mental health development, health conditions, and solutions combined with one-on-one mentoring.


NCD health education programme in the Greater Bangkok area.

Turkey - Hey Youth

A schools-based programme to improve diet and exercise with a social media twist


Peer education programme based in Hanoi

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