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The Young Health Programme has reached more than 25 countries across 6 continents with activities aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of young people.

Our programmes are designed to meet local needs.  We employ a variety of approaches that reflect the specific culture, capacity and requirements of local communities, and the skills and resources of our many local and global partners.

These have ranged from producing research-based educational materials, such as Sweden’s series of educational videos investigating the ‘Teenage Brain’; to long-running practical on-the-ground behaviour change programmes in Brazil, Kenya and India.

Much of the work has been tailored to address the very specific needs of disadvantaged young people, which vary from country to country.  Our work to bring health information to migrant youth across China and homeless adolescents in Hamburg Germany demonstrate how we match our approach to local circumstances and needs. The principles of engaging young people are set out in our Engagement Toolkit.

Many of these initiatives are supported by the volunteer efforts of AstraZeneca employees, from fundraising to mentoring and very practical project support. Our employees are passionate about health and lend their time and talents to our cause.  This brings great skills to the project but also enriches our understanding of the complex psychosocial issues involved and of the broader role we have to play in building a sustainable future.

The areas of focus for the local programmes vary from country to country and each programme is at a different stage of implementation. Currently ‘live’ programmes are indicated in green.

Australia - Driving Change

Improving access to transport for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Australia - Kitchen Gardens

Developing professional learning and educational resources for secondary school educators to deliver hands-on pleasurable food education.

Brazil Maranhao

Two phase programme addressing NCDs and sexual and reproductive health in Maranhão (2010 - 2015).

Brazil Sao Paulo

Programme addressing NCDs and sexual and reproductive health in Sao Paolo (2017 - 2020).

Canada – At My Best and the YCRH

Long-running schools programme for kindergarten to grade 6 on physical activity, healthy eating, and emotional wellbeing

Canada - Flex Your Head

12 module programme on mental health and wellness developed with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada.


Building knowledge and skills to combat air and water pollution for voung migrants to cities, and for those left behind in rural areas.


Adventure club programme encouraging physical activity and healthy diet among socially vulnerable young people.


Helping street youth in Hamburg to reintegrate with society.


Well-established programme addressing NCDs and sexual and reproductive health around Delhi.


Tobacco-focused campaign in three cities aligned with national government health promotion initiatives.


Programme from 2018 reducing risk behaviours around NCDs and addressing adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Kibera.


Addressing mental health and suicidal behaviour in adolescence.


Peer educator led programme in Mexico City neighbourhoods


New programme in 2019 in Yangon neighbourhoods


Linking research and experiential expertise on youth homelessness, to develop effective interventions.


Helping families of undocumented migrants in Oslo to gain access to appropriate support.


Encouraging young people to take control of their health and well-being, build self-reliance and self-respect.


Schools-based education on healthy lifestyle habits, and encouraging sports to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease later in life.


Improving health education and sport facilities for children in orphanages.


Focus on changing youth attitudes to smoking.


Encouraging sex education, healthy eating habits and prevention of drug addiction for young people.


Communicating mental health development, health conditions, and solutions combined with one-on-one mentoring.

Turkey - Hey Youth

A schools-based programme to improve diet and exercise with a social media twist

Turkey - I am a teenager

This project investigated the causes of violence in schools and assessed techniques to reduce it


Research and the development of support materials for professionals working with homeless young people.


Multi-stakeholder work promoting behaviour change amongst young adolescents in disadvantaged communities in Delaware.


Peer education programme based in Hanoi


Educating young people in disadvantaged communities on NCD risk factors and sexual health.

This section contains the real life accounts of young people who have benefited from AstraZeneca’s Young Health Programme.

AstraZeneca has obtained the written consent of each young person and/or, where necessary, their parents or legal guardians, in order use their story and/or photograph on this site. Measures have been taken to protect the identities of the young people whose stories are featured on this site.

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