The Young Health Programme partnership with UNICEF aims to catalyse a global advocacy movement led by young people for the promotion of healthier lifestyles. The focus is on raising awareness of key issues, empowering young people to advocate, and taking policy action to create meaningful and lasting change. 

NCD data collection

An expanded version of UNICEF’s MMAP data collection tool is being piloted to generate quality information about adolescents and NCD risk factors to inform policy action.

The tool was originally developed to collect data on adolescent mental health and UNICEF is working closely with the Ministry of Health and National Institute of Statistics to test and validate the expanded tool, which will be called MMAP+.

The aim is to integrate the MMAP+ tool modules in routine government data collection, generating important information on mental health and NCD risk factors among the adolescent population.

Photo Credit: ©UNICEF/UN068196/Wieland
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