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Helping young people in rural Australia cope with ill mental health.




2022 - 2024

The local context

One in five Australians experience a mental illness in any one year, making it the leading non-communicable disease amongst young people today. In Australia, mental illness affects populations disproportionately based on their remoteness. Deaths by suicide are more than triple for those living in remote and very remote areas in Australia, compared with the city. Around one quarter of Australians (~28%) live in regional or more rural parts of Australia, where the rate of self-harm is almost double that of the city population. Young people are disproportionately impacted too. Data from 2020 shows that 31% of all deaths for people aged 15-17 in Australia were due to suicide.1

Our objectives

We are committed to providing early intervention to help reduce self-harm and suicide rates among our rural and remote youth.


Our programme

The Rural Minds Youth (RMY) programme aims to improve the mental health and mental resilience of young people by teaching evidence-based actions designed to increase self-awareness, increase knowledge of self-help behaviours, reduce stigma and increase help-seeking when times get tough.

RMY will train and provide practical information and ongoing support to community leaders, as well as health and education workers to support the mental health of young people (aged 12 – 18) in farming and agricultural communities across rural Australia.

Our partners Rural and Remote Mental Health (RRMH) will co-design evidence-based workshops that equip trained presenters, who will be members of the community themselves, with the right tools and resources.

Our partners

Rural and Remote Mental Health (RRMH) is a not-for-profit organisation that delivers evidence-based mental health and suicide prevention training in rural and remote communities in Australia.

Further information:

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