The Young Health Programme partnership with UNICEF aims to catalyse a global advocacy movement led by young people for the promotion of healthier lifestyles. The focus is on raising awareness of key issues, empowering young people to advocate, and taking policy action to create meaningful and lasting change.

Training young people to promote health

In Belize, young people are being trained and receiving certifications on health topics such as nutrition, exercise and mental health. These courses take place over multiple days, including knowledge quizzes, projects, and assessments with a formal certification process at the end.

The training courses are specifically designed to support young people and help develop their:

1. knowledge and understanding of the health content

2. skills, to allow them to organise and lead their own sessions,

3. attitudes towards the health subjects.

After these courses, young facilitators are further equipped to conduct peer-to-peer health promotion activities.

Photo Credit: © UNICEF/UN0334312/Frank Dejongh
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