YHP BRAZIL – Maranhão Programme


The districts of Capão Redondo and Grajaú in the southern outskirts of São Paulo city.



2017 - 2020


The local context

São Paulo is the most populous city in the western hemisphere, the southern hemisphere and in Brazil. 


Our objectives

To reach 40,000 young people (aged 10-24) directly and, through and with them, families, policy makers, teachers and health professionals


Our focus

Reducing NCD risk behaviours (tobacco use, harmful use of alcohol, unhealty diet, and physical inactivity).


Our programme

YHP Brazil started in São Paulo in July 2017. It is run in close cooperation with local schools and health service providers - and primarily delivered through peer-educators trained to engage and communicate with other young people about these health issues.

Peer-educators are trained and encouraged to engage with local and State officials to improve health services for young people.

Radio spots and news articles support on the ground programme and campaign activities.

The programme builds on the achievements and learning from an earlier programme in Maranhão.


Our achievements

State level guidance on health (‘PTA’) has been revised to increase the focus on gender, sexual and reproductive health and youth participation issues. 

93,427 young people were reached directly through outreach activities, and a further 680,000 through wider awareness campaigns.

395 Peer Educators were trained.

793 Community Health Workers took part in training to deliver youth-friendly health facilities.


Our partners

Plan Brazil provides children in Brazil with a healthy start, economic empowerment, and protection against all forms of violence.

Promundo promotes gender equality and seeks to end violence against women, children and youth in Brazil.