The local context

More than 24 million adolescents, mostly from rural areas, live with their families who have migrated to big cities in China.
A further nine million young people are left behind in poverty stricken rural areas with elders and grandparents when their parents migrate to cities for work. Healthcare education and support is often lacking and young people struggle with physical and mental health issues


Our objectives

To help migrant children to protect themselves from air and water pollution, and enhance their wider safety, through school-based training. 

To provide training to school doctors in rural areas, emphasising adolescent health issues and risk behaviours, and equipping them to provide better healthcare education and support to schools.


Our focus

Educating adolescents aged 12-16 about health and well-being.


Our programme

We developed training materials and course content focused on air and health, water and health, and child safety, along with support materials such as videos to provide greater teaching flexibility. 

The materials include interactive games, experiments to increase knowledge on related conditions, such as respiratory disease in children, and on prevention techniques. 

We work with the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries to deliver training to school doctors in rural areas and engage local government officials to enhance the impact of our work.


Our achievements

During the programme more than 40 YHP activities have taken place in 25 different cities across China, and the programme has reached almost 6,000 children.

Our course materials were updated during 2017, and we produced a series of volunteer training videos.

More than 1,280 AstraZeneca volunteers have given more than 4,600 hours of their time helping to deliver the programme.

In 2016, YHP China was recognised with a Silver Award in the Third Chinese Youth Volunteer Service Project Competition, one of the most respected volunteer awards in China.

In 2017, YHP China received an award for Corporate Volunteer Service Executive Promotion in the 4th Beijing Corporate Volunteer Service Exchange Salon.


Our partners

The Horizon Corporate Volunteer Consultancy (HCVC) has collaborated with over a hundred corporations including nearly fifty top 500 enterprises. More than 100,000 corporate volunteers have contributed over one million hours of service directly benefitting a total of 500 charity organizations and 100,000 senior citizens, children and people with disabilities. Indirect beneficiaries total more than a million.

The Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) is one of the earliest national people's organizations engaged in people-to-people diplomacy of the People's Republic of China. It serves the cause of peaceful development and peaceful reunification and strives for the solidarity and progress of all mankind.