Århus area of Jutland.


2012 - 2014

The context

There are huge differences in the health conditions of Danish people. Children from the lower layers of society are especially vulnerable and can lead unhealthy lives with bad eating habits and very little exercise. Many of these children already have physical and mental health issues.


Our objectives

To demonstrate how voluntary physical activities among children can positively influence their lives.


Our focus

Encouraging physical activity and healthy diet among socially vulnerable young people, aged 10-15.


Our programme

We ran ten adventure clubs in the Århus area centred on physical activity, delivered both outdoors and at sports facilities.

Many activities were based on the children’s own ideas and themes. This made them more relevant to the children’s lives and experiences and increased the likelihood that they would change their own behaviour afterwards.

Activities included information about healthy food and other subjects – but all were delivered in a playful and physical manner.

The programme also supported Børneløbet children’s sports activities.


Our achievements

The project enabled 150 young people aged 10-15 and 80 volunteers to attend a weekly adventure club for the duration of the programme.

Almost 80% of the participating young people said that the adventure clubs made a significant difference to them, giving them something to look forward to each week, providing an opportunity for them to take part in exercise and helping them to make new friends.

The programme also supported the Danish Red Cross Youth’s annual Children’s Run in 2015. AstraZeneca funding enabled the charity to increase publicity for the event and attract 1,600 participants.

Our partners

Danish Red Cross Youth (URK) is Denmark's largest humanitarian youth organisation with more than 20.000 children and young people participating in its activities. URK are present in more than 100 cities all over Denmark with more than 320 on-going and volunteer-driven activities.

The purpose of The Danish Red Cross Youth is to improve the conditions and daily lives of vulnerable children and young people locally, nationally and internationally.