YHP FRANCE – L’Ascenseur


Île de France (around Paris) and Hauts-de-France in the north on France.


2020 -2023

The local context

In France it takes low income families about six generations to approach the average income of the general population. This is higher than the OECD average (4.5) and much higher than in the Scandinavian countries (2 to 3).

Young people from modest backgrounds often suffer discrimination when trying to get employment. A study in 2010 showed that when CVs were anonymised 13% of applicants would receive interviews, if the name and address were put on the resumes the interview rate for minorities dropped to just 2.4%.

This discrimination traps young people in poverty which has major long-term health consequences. World leaders have noted the ‘vicious cycle’ whereby NCDs and their risk factors worsen poverty, while poverty contributes to rising rates of NCDs, posing a threat to public health and economic and social development.

Our objectives

To improve the educational and employment prospects for + 1,000 young people from minorities aged 12-25 and help develop the Ascenseur footprint in Hauts-de-France.  

Our programme

AstraZeneca is a co-founding partner of L’Ascenseur the first European third-party site dedicated to equality of opportunity. It is located in a 2300 m2 Haussmann-style building, with 8 floors containing over 200 workstations, in the Bastille area of Paris.

Through L’Ascenseur we are working with four main non-profits to support, welcome, inform, guide and develop young people‘s employment prospects

ViensVoirMonTaf, the network of youth without network, to help young people achieve high quality and appropriate internships

The Institut Télémaque, to develop the potential of secondary school students and apprentices who come from modest backgrounds through a dual school-business tutoring program

Article 1, to support and help young people from working class backgrounds to academic and professional success

La Cravate Solidaire, to increases the chances of success at job interviews by providing professional clothing and coaching support

In parallel, AZ is a key partner of the development of L’Ascenseur in Les Hauts de France, which takes the concept to an under-resourced region that already hosts our Dunkirk site.  This will form the base for a grouping of local associations fighting for equality of opportunity, working closely with local schools and university.

Our partners

ViensVoirMonTaf is a non-profit association created in 2015 to offer third-grade internships to REP students (Ex-ZEP) whose families have few connections, by connecting them withprofessionals. 

Institut Télémaque encourages socio-cultural openness, helps build self-confidence, improve youth achievements and knowledge of the professional world

Article1 works for a society where orientation, success in studies and professional integration do not depend on social origins, economic and cultural heritage

La Cravate Solidaire  collects professional outfits from businesses and individuals for young people to use and coaches and supports them through interviews