Young Health Programme Italy




2022 – 2023


The local context

Every year, thousands of children are hospitalised in Italy. The paediatric hospital environment requires specialised technology suitable for children and can be a daunting experience for young patients and their families. Many children with more complex injuries and illnesses can require additional assistance and rehabilitation, and the extra time in hospital can be difficult to manage for children and their parents. Italian hospitals require additional support from specialist charity organisations to provide the best possible experience for young people and their families.

Our objectives

To improve the health outcomes of paediatric patients in Italy by supporting specialist services for children and families.  

Our focus

To improve the overall hospital experience for children in Italy through sports and wellbeing activities.

Our programme

The Young Health Programme supports two key organisations, Associazione Gaslini Onlus (Gaslini) and ABIO Foundation Onlus (ABIO) in Italy to help improve the hospital experience for children in the country. Projects range from supporting rehabilitation programmes to interactive books helping children understand more about hospital.

The Gaslini develops projects to help paediatric patients and their family during their stay at the hospital, providing services for assistance and technological improvements of the Hospital. With support from the AstraZeneca Young Health Programme, Gaslini will create a special area of the hospital dedicated to rehabilitation of children through sport. The project will allow children with motor cognitive, sensory and communicative disabilities of different levels, to develop basic skills such as coordination and motor planning. This approach helps children to improve concentration, relationship with oneself, determination, tenacity and self-esteem.

ABIO has a national reach and works with over 5,000 volunteers in over 200 paediatric wards coordinated by the Foundation. The aim of the association is to offer hospitality support to children, adolescents and families, who find themselves in prolonged stays at hospital. The Young Health Programme supports the work of the 59 regional ABIO associations, which goes toward projects such as welcome packs for children, interactive books to help familiarise children with the hospital, and playrooms within paediatric wards.  

Our partners


The Gaslini Association organises and promotes fundraising activities and events for the Giannina Gaslini Institute in Genoa. The Gaslini mission is to contribute to the financing of special projects, make the technological improvement of the hospital possible, support its primary & most urgent needs and aid hospitality projects dedicated to the families of young patients.


ABIO Foundation is a non-profit organisation with the purpose to support children’s permanence in the hospital. They have a team of volunteers spread throughout Italy who operate in various hospitals. We supported ABIO’s initiatives, with a particular focus on the following projects:

  • refurbishment or creation of in-hospital playrooms for children;
  • creation of a welcome kit for children;
  • sponsorship of a book for children called “What am I doing here in a hospital?”.