Young Health Programme Jordan




2021 - 2024 

The local context

Main findings from STEPS show that major NCDs risk factors in Jordan are smoking and vaping. Four in 10 people living in Jordan are current tobacco-smokers and 9.2% are current users of electronic cigarettes.1

Our Objectives

· To promote a healthy lifestyle of people in Jordan by improving tobacco knowledge, attitudes and practices of vulnerable Jordanians and refugees in Jordan.

· To support existing scientific-based, community interventions of Royal Health Awareness Society, RHAS, as well as assessing new potential models within Jordan.

· To actively engage with advocacy and policy efforts to remain relevant to the global dialogue, inform decision making, draw from best practices, and set a standard for other countries - neighbouring and worldwide.

Our programme

The ‘Be the Change - For You’ programme will seek to institutionalise comprehensive tobacco prevention and control at a nationwide level. The programme will focus on school children aged 10-19, providing education on smoking through a direct outreach approach, leveraging parents, educators, as well as via mass media networks.


We expect that 10 employee volunteers will be onboard to help and engage with the programme.

Our partners

The Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS), a Queen Rania initiative, was established in 2005 to promote health awareness and to empower individuals to adopt healthy lifestyles and behaviours.

RHAS implements preventative public health and safety programs based on the right to health for all, targeting school children and adolescents and the community at large.

 RHAS programs are in line with national health priorities in Jordan, and are designed to respond to local community needs nationwide.

Health topics of concern include: Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs), hygiene promotion, reproductive health, road safety and injury prevention, healthy nutrition, physical activity, tobacco control and drug abuse prevention. 


1. WHO. 2019. Jordan STEPS Survey 2019 Tobacco Fact Sheet - Jordanians and Syrians. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 November 2021].