The local context

Undocumented immigrants living in Oslo – including failed asylum seekers, victims of trafficking and labour migrants without a valid visa – had severely limited access to health services, as they feared revealing their illegal status when seeking medical help.

Our objectives

Provide undocumented immigrants with access to basic health services and with relevant and useful health information.

Increase awareness about the health status of undocumented immigrants by sharing information, knowledge and experience with other stakeholders.


Our focus

Providing support to undocumented child and adolescent immigrants and pre-teens, especially those with mental health or behavioural issues.


Our programme

We supported the volunteer-run Health Centre set up by the Norwegian Red Cross and the Church City Mission, which had been started in 2009 to improve the physical and psychological health of undocumented migrants.

YHP Norway offered access to regular healthcare services at the Health Centre or through the public health system to all undocumented migrants. It also provided specific support to adolescents through group therapy sessions, homework help and support, and a telephone helpline for those who found themselves in trouble.

AstraZeneca employees volunteered at the Centre and organised collections of warm clothes for people living rough in the winter.

Our achievements

More than 375 adolescents registered at the Health Centre, with many attending multiple consultations. 

Our partners

The Norwegian Red Cross is a humanitarian organisation whose work is driven by a desire to help others. It is committed to, and bound by, the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and acts as the guardian of the Geneva Conventions.

The Church City Mission is an inclusive, non-profit organisation, which works in towns and cities across Norway, among people who face challenges in life for various reasons. Their vision is that people in the city should experience respect, justice and care.


Further information