October 2020 - October 2023


The local context

Obesity approximately tripled, while overweight doubled, between 1989 and the late 2000s for Slovene schoolchildren of both genders - and has continued to increase since.1


Motivate young people to adopt healthier behaviours in childhood and later in life by increasing engagement with physical activity, healthy eating and body knowledge.

Reach 70,000 young people, 1,500 educators and 100 health professionals with programme activities.


Our programme

We are developing interesting and child-friendly interactive learning tools to support the national curriculum and improve understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. They help students explore how their bodies work, why physical activity is necessary and rewarding and to appreciate the importance of what they eat.

The tools are developed in collaboration with teachers, healthcare professionals, physical educators, nutritionists the patient associations and other professionals.

The programme is supported by AstraZeneca volunteers who act as mentors and help with communications and advocacy.


Our Partners

Slovenian Diabetes Association has 18,000 members through 40 societies across Slovenia. The association’s mission is to raise awareness, inform and educate members, their relatives and the wider community about diabetes and its possible consequences. The Association makes a special effort to inspire young people to upscale their activities on diabetes.