YHP South Korea


Seoul, South Korea 



The local context

Mental health conditions are a growing area of concern for young people in the Republic of Korea. Government research finds that 43.2% of Korean adolescents face severe stress and 37.5% report experience with severe depression in the past twelve monthsi

There is a great deal of stigma connected to mental health conditionsii.  They are often considered a personal matter and are not discussed or sharediii.

If young people are not able to access mental health care, they will be at a greater risk of developing more severe mental health issues that may impact their long-term health and well-being.

Our Objectives

To support the emotional well-being of vulnerable adolescents who are facing mental health challenges.

Our Focus

Support young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds with knowledge about the importance of mental health. 

Our programme

To support the mental health of young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds, YHP Korea will conduct mental health education sessions with 55 young people, delivered by mental health and child-care experts. The programme will also pair the young people with mentors for guidance, support and companionship. 

Our partners

Kids & Future Foundation is a non-profit organisation which provies diverse educational opportunities for children and youth to assist them in preparing themselves and their communities for a better future. Kids & Future Foundation will work closely with the Korea Hope Foundation, which supports poor and marginalised Korean youth, to deliver the programme.