YHP Spain

About The Programme

The economic crisis in Spain is impacting the health and well-being of young people, with obesity, drug use and other negative health issues on the increase.

The Young Health Programme in Spain is focused on helping to improve the lives of young people in Madrid, enabling them to integrate successfully into society, by focusing on three areas of intervention; sexual education, healthy eating habits and prevention of drug addiction.

The Programme is a partnership with the Balia Foundation for Children

What activities are taking place locally?

Workshops in schools and the community, with supporting educational resources that focus on different topics for example:

  • Building adolescents’ self-esteem and educating adolescents about their physical and emotional development
  • Developing the foundations of basic health, for example, tooth brushing and general hygiene
  • Teaching families about the importance of a good diet and providing nutritional advice
  •  Preventing drug addiction

Volunteering and fundraising activities by AstraZeneca employees, for example, providing input to educational talks to adolescents and families about drug addiction prevention and arranging specific activities for young people at Christmas.

What did we want to achieve through the Programme?

Promote health education in families and develop social and personal skills among adolescents

  • Develop resources and educational materials that help develop positive sexual relationships and help prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Through education, encourage adolescents to adopt a healthy lifestyle with healthy eating habits
  • Provide resources to educate adolescents and their families about drug addiction

What has been achieved so far?

Launched in September 2012, the Programme has reached more than 3,342 young people (over 400 between 3 and 12 years old and 2,874 aged between 13 and 18). The Programme has also been working closely with 400 families, offering even more focused support and assistance.


young people reached through the programme

over 400

between 3 and 12 years old


aged between 13 and 18

400 families

working closely and offered even more focused support and assistance

Our Local Partner

Balia Foundation for Children Founded in 2001, the Balia Foundation is a non-profit organisation committed to the comprehensive development of children and young people at risk of social exclusion. Its mission is to promote the social inclusion of disadvantaged minors and establish itself in underprivileged communities in Spain.

The Balia Foundation puts into practice pedagogical projects which prevent abandonment and isolation, fight school failure and strengthen education of values, offering guidelines of conduct that can be learned and which allow children to grow as integrated adults