From 2012

The local context

Spain was experiencing increasing obesity, drug use and negative health issues among young people in disadvantaged communities.

Our objectives

Educate and encourage adolescents to adopt a healthy lifestyle


Our focus

Sex education, healthy eating habits and prevention of drug addiction for young people aged 13 to 18.


Our programme

Workshops in schools and in the community with supporting educational resources focusing, for example, on:

  • Developing positive sexual relationships and preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Building adolescents’ self-esteem and educating adolescents about their physical and emotional development
  • Developing the foundations of basic health, for example, tooth brushing and general hygiene
  • Teaching families about the importance of a good diet and providing nutritional advice
  • Preventing drug addiction

AstraZeneca employees supported the programme by fundraising and volunteering – providing input to talks to adolescents and their families about drug addiction prevention, and arranging celebrations for young people at Christmas.


Our achievements

We have reached more than 32,000 young people, trained 190 frontline health workers, and worked closely with 400 families, offering focused support and assistance.


Our partners

Balia Foundation for Children is a non-profit organisation committed to the comprehensive development of children and young people at risk of social exclusion.


Further information