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From 2010

The local context

In Sweden there has been a decline in mental health in young people. The challenge is to make information about mental health development, mental health conditions and the possible solutions easily accessible and understandable to young people and to those who support them.

Our objectives

To improve the mental health and emotional well-being of vulnerable adolescents across Sweden - and to be part of the discussion on mental health within Swedish society, whilst providing opportunities for AstraZeneca staff to provide volunteer support.


Our focus

Mental health development, conditions, and solutions.


Our programme

We analysed anonymised chat and email from 1,350 young people to the BRIS child helpline to understand their perspective on mental ill health. Specifically this identified what they believed about its causes, symptoms and gender aspects, and what interventions they felt would best help them. The survey findings were published and circulated to professionals working on mental ill health with children and teenagers.

A series of five short films based on the research findings was produced for use by young people, their parents, and professionals working with them. The films use an accessible popular-science approach and cover how the brain works, the importance of sleep, relationships with friends and family, risk-taking and reward, and managing emotions.

The programme has also included mentoring of young people and support for teenagers and their families.

Our Achievements

The Mind Your Teens films were presented at the Vetenskapsfestivalen (Science Festival) in Gothenburg and have reached almost 1.1 million young people in Sweden.  The films are available to the general public on YouTube.

We have directly provided information on mental health and emotional wellbeing to 7,000 frontline health providers, including community nurses and social workers. We have also reached 29,500 stakeholders, including local government, parents, teachers and healthcare workers with information about adolescent mental health and wellbeing.

Over 29,000 children have received support by phone, email and chat, and 60 children and their parents have attended residential courses.

Around 1,300 AstraZeneca staff in Sweden have volunteered with the mentoring programme, supporting 1,300 young people.

During 2018 we aim to reach a further 300,000 young people.

Published resources:

Our Partners

Mentor a non-profit organization whose purpose is to prevent violence and drug use among adolescents. Mentor gives young people an adult mentor for a year, and also works with schools, helping to inspire and motivate students

Volontärbyrån a non-profit organisation that connects business and private individuals with organisations that need help


BRIS a non-profit organisation working to strengthen the rights of children and young people and improve their living conditions