Generating valuable research and evidence

Young people are typically either grouped in with children or with adults when it comes to health research and health service delivery; but adolescence is a unique time of life when the body and particularly the brain undergo great changes.

We recognise this by investing in specific research to build the body of knowledge and evidence around adolescence and adolescent health, with a focus on NCDs.

The YHP supports experts to advance understanding and to address the major gaps in data, both at national and regional levels. This is especially important in developing advocacy to support changes in local, regional or national health policies.

The latest research we have supported, a study by The Economist Intelligence Unit, provides scorecards for ten countries showing progress to date and drawing the wider conclusions.

We are committed to making this information much more accessible, for example through the factsheets that we have developed with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and data packs we have developed with the Population Reference Bureau.

We also take a critical look at the effectiveness of our own programmes and activities. This has included Social Return on Investment analyses of our programmes, with a detailed SROI study of YHP Canada, and a broader SROI study of the Brazil, Canada, India and Romania programmes. Both indicated a very positive social rate of return on our investment and indicated ways in which future activities could be improved and metrics enhanced.


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