Step into my world...

We are exposed to drugs …all kinds of drugs… that is the easiest way…

If I want to be an alcoholic, I just come next door, they are selling alcohol. I can easily get addicted to alcohol.

You find it difficult to play because houses are everywhere

At meal time I would just be given the left overs.

At the core of our work in the Young Health Programme is a commitment to ensure young people have a voice in identifying their health threats and needs as well as planning and delivering solutions.

Watch the videos below and step into their world…to understand more about the challenges they face and how the YHP aims to improve their future health.

An overview of the health challenges faced by adolescents and how the YHP aims to help in the prevention of non-communicable diseases in later life.

In their own words...

The films below are a series of interviews with young people involved in the YHP programmes in India, Spain and Kenya describing the challenges they face and why involvement in the YHP can help.

Voice of Moses, YHP Kenya

Voices of youth involved in YHP India

Voice of Suraj, YHP India

Voices of youth involved in YHP Spain

  • Programmes

    Working on-the-ground to tailor prevention programmes to community needs

  • Research

    Filling the gaps in evidence to support a call for prevention programming

  • Advocacy

    Working globally and locally to put adolescent health on the policy agenda