Step Up! - the Young Health Global Grants Programme

Step Up! provides grants of up to US$10,000 to help small, innovative, youth-focused non-profits develop and deliver effective health promotion programmes – with an emphasis on under-resourced and marginalised communities in low- and middle-income countries.

Climate change and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are two defining challenges of the 21st century, each posing significant threats to health and sustainable development.

NCDs such as mental health conditions, cancers, diabetes, heart and respiratory diseases share common risk factors, including air pollution, physical inactivity, poor diet, excessive alcohol and tobacco use, and mental ill health.

We are particularly interested in innovative projects which work to reduce risk factors for young people that can cause NCDs while at the same time effectively combating climate change through sustainable environmental solutions.

This year, we are accepting applications for innovative, creative approaches which tackle both environmental sustainability and NCD risk factors, primarily targeting young people in under-resourced settings.

Applicants selected to receive Step Up! Grants will be offered the opportunity to join AstraZeneca’s Young Health Programme (YHP) Alumni Group once they have successfully completed CAF verification. The YHP Alumni Group offers learning and development opportunities and networking between Step Up! Grantees as well as young leaders who have received YHP Scholarships. In the past, Alumni Members have been offered mini-MBA programmes, opportunities to share their work with global audiences, and masterclasses on fundraising and digital skills to build effective health-promotion programmes.

We are seeking grant applications of $10,000 USD to deliver projects which:

  • Reduce NCD risk factors for young people while at the same time effectively combating climate change through sustainable environmental solutions
  • Address the needs of vulnerable young people (10-30 years old) in under-resourced communities
  • Reach an appropriate number of young people according to the scale of the local need
  • Can provide evidence at the conclusion of the project of what has been delivered, as well as outcomes and what has been learned
  • Are  managed by non-profits with an annual income of US$1 million or less
  • Can be completed within a 12 month period, not starting before February 2022

StepUp! has always received a high number of applications for support and we know that we will not be able to support all eligible organisations which apply.

In selecting applications, we will prioritise a project if it:

  • Addresses nutrition
  • Utilises technology or digital health solutions in an inclusive way
  • Is innovative: delivering something different from which we can learn (an existing approach in a new setting linked to a particular need, or a totally new approach)
  • Is youth-led (ie primarily youth managed/designed) Involves young people as advocates for change in their communities
  • Is primarily funded by this grant
  • Is run by an organisation with an income and capacity to deliver a grant of this size
  • Is from an organisation which has not yet been supported by a StepUp! grant
  • Operates in a low- or lower-middle- income country or setting

Watch 2021 Step Up! Application Tips and Guidance Video for more information about the application process and top tips to help you write a strong application

Applications for the 2021 Step Up! Grant programme is now closed.

AO Centrul de Informare și Resurse PRO BONO

Developing a Media Hub for Youth Health (Moldova)

Asociación MAIA

Mind & Body Wellness for Indigenous Adolescent Girls (Guatemala)

Children for Health

Using the Super Better method to discourage risky behaviours (Zambia)

Digital Interventions to Reduce Alcohol Consumption Among indigenous Youth

Digital Interventions to Reduce Alcohol Consumption Among indigenous Youth (Mexico)

Evangelical Social Action Forum

Measuring Uptake in Healthy Habits Among Youth (India)

Extra-Think Innovations

Youth Connect: Combatting alcohol and drug abuse through exercise and team-based education (Malawi)

Friends of Women Outreach

Chatbot to Support the Mental Health of Teenage Mothers (Sierra Leone)

Girlsaide Empowerment Initiative

Supporting disabled youth to make healthier lifestyle choices (Nigeria)

Health Horizons International Foundation

Improving community health and building resilient communities (Dominican Republic)

International Association for Adolescent Health

Young Professionals Step Up to Adolescent Health (Canada)

Institute of Social Research and Development

Empowering young people for a brighter future (India)

Nada India Foundation

Building Strong and Resilient Communities to Combat Excessive Youth Alcohol Use (India)

Network for Community Development

Activating youth to create videos to raise awareness about alcohol abuse (Uganda)

Novel Association for Youth Advocacy

Creating innovative training to reinforce healthy behaviours with out-of-school youth (Nigeria)

Rose Academies

Creative campaigns incorporating music performances to highlight the dangers of homebrewed alcohol (Uganda)

Shohratgarh Environmental Society

Youth-led action to reduce the health impact of air pollution in Lucknow (India)

Tarayana Foundation

Bringing health education messages to rural Bhutan (Bhutan)

Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust

Encouraging physical activity and combatting air pollution (Bangladesh)

Youth Vision Society

Training Life Coaches to Encourage Sport and Combat Smoking (Palestine)

Youth Voices Count

Creating Healthier and Inclusive Communities for Young People (Philippines)

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