Asociación MAIA

Asociación MAIA 

Mind & Body Wellness for Indigenous Adolescent Girls (Guatemala)

Indigenous Maya girls face multiple levels of exclusion from opportunities such as education, just two thirds of 10–19-year-old Mayan females are literate, compared to 80% of Mayan males and 90% of the majority Ladino population1.

The MAIA Impact School provides a holistic education to ‘Girl Pioneers’ who are from more than forty rural villages in Guatemala. Each girl is supported by a mentor who is from a similar background and provides socioemotional support to help her meet her academic goals and facilitates workshops in non-academic topics such as reproductive health, health, nutrition, financial literacy, environmental stewardship, civic engagement and leadership.


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1. Hallman K, Peracca S, Catino J, Ruiz MJ, 2007, Assessing the multiple disadvantages of Mayan girls: The effects of gender, ethnicity, poverty, and residence on education in Guatemala, Population Council, available at Accessed 28 April 2021

Photo Credit: Jade Media