Novel Association for Youth Advocacy

Novel Association for Youth Advocacy

Creating innovative training to reinforce healthy behaviours with out-of-school youth (Nigeria)


In Kuje, in the Federal Capital Territory, many people cannot afford to pay school tuition fees and there are high rates of school drop-outs.  With young people not in school, there is a heightened risk of them engaging in substance misuse and crime, with a negative impact to their mental health and wellbeing.

We are developing a drug education and prevention (DE&P) e-course with an information technology expert and a drug education specialist and five young people currently out-of-school, to encourage young people to use their smartphones to access information about the effects of drugs and excessive alcohol intake on their health.

Thirty young people will be taken through a 10-day training to equip them with knowledge and skills to communicate effectively with their peers. They will then engage with out-of-school young people through a physical 1-day ‘step-down’ training session on DE&P to help them to reduce their drug dependency. Every level of interaction includes games and other fun activities to increase engagement.

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