AstraZeneca Romania launches ”YOUNG HEALTH PROGRAMME” An educational programme on cardiovascular risk which may change the health of a generation

Romania has launched its Young Health Programme in partnership with Junior Achievement Romania and the Romanian Heart Foundation, with the support of the Romanian Society of Cardiology, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education. The campaign is developed under the slogan of I sports and aims to involve 50,000 high school students directly in the next three to five years through providing health information, supporting sport activities and endorsing healthy lifestyle behaviours.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of mortality worldwide today. Statistics show that Romania has the third highest mortality rate caused by cardiovascular diseases - two out of three Romanians (62%) die from cardiovascular disease. The number of cardiovascular events occurring at early ages (<45) is also increasing.

In Romania, the Young Health Programme will have a unique focus on cardiovascular primary prevention among adolescents (15-19 years old) and will address the issue of limited health education by developing a national educational programme in high-schools to reduce behaviours that increase caridvascular risk and increase those that are protective.

“For us adults, sport means life! Because we have understood that good functioning of our bodies and our psycho-emotional balance are linked with physical activities. Moreover, it is proven that those who practice sport daily are the first to optimise their lifestyle – from healthy nutrition to losing interest in smoking. For the young, sport is a way of life! This is why, the Romanian Heart Foundation, the Foundation of Romanian Cardiologists, initiates, develops and supports the education of young people through sports. ” – declared Prof D Gaita, President Romanian Heart Foundation.

Earlier this year at the Global Clinton Initiative in New York, AstraZeneca on behalf of the Young Health Programme partnership, made a commitment to combat Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in young people through integrated global research, advocacy, education and health-skills training that will benefit a quarter of a million adolescents across 15 countries.

‘Education is essential for anyone to make an informed decision and lead a healthy life. Astra Zeneca is aware of its larger role in society as a player in the social arena and in helping people to make healthy choices. An estimated number of 7,000,000 Romanians suffer from cardiovascular disease. Astra Zeneca has a big responsibility in providing support and education extending to educational programmes for young people who may be later impacted by cardiovascular disease. We have the privilege to go beyond medicines to help improve the health of a generation’ said Radu Rasinar, President AstraZeneca Romania.