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Youth call for increased engagement in their own health in Lancet Youth Twitter Chat promoted by YHP

The Young Health Programme (YHP) partnered with NGOs to promote further discussion of the adolescent health issues raised in a recent Lancet Commission report through a youth-oriented Twitter conversation. Inspired by a YHP Youth ambassador, the event grew in momentum and resulted in over 1000 tweets from youth, NGOs and health experts around the world, with calls from participants for a follow up event.

The Twitter Chat highlighted the importance and relevance of the YHP in putting into action the key issues debated especially the importance of tackling the rise of non-communicable diseases amongst adolescents.

In June, The Lancet released ‘Our future: A Lancet Commission on adolescent health and wellbeing’ which focused on the unparalleled health challenges faced by the world’s 1.8 billion young people.

As well as sharing compelling data about the state of adolescent health, the report also emphasised the critical need to engage and empower young people as major investors in their own health and the health of all adolescents.

The YHP promoted the Lancet Youth Chat in partnership with NCD Child, the University of Melbourne and Plan International as part of our commitment to give youth a voice and help shape the healthcare agenda.

The commission’s chair, Professor George Patton and fellow commissioner, Professor Susan Sawyer, both from the University of Melbourne, participated in the Youth Twitter Chat. Liam Sollis, the YHP Advocacy Manager was also on the panel of experts.

‘As the report said, it is critical that youth have a stake in their health and the Lancet Twitter event opened up a global and accessible conversation with them and other interested parties.’ said Liam Sollis, Young Health Programme Advocacy Manager.

The Twitter conversation which took place over an hour focused on four key themes:

Empowerment & Protection – How do societies both protect and empower young people to promote healthy outcomes in adolescents and young adults?

Engagement - What does meaningful youth engagement really mean?

Education The role of education for health

Equity – Who is getting left behind? Where are we missing the mark in regards to adolescent health and wellbeing?

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