Meet the YHP Delegates for One Young World

20 remarkable young people head to Bogota to put adolescent health on the agenda

Young people are a powerful force!  There are more than 1.2 billion of them in the world and its important that they are engaged and heard, especially when it comes to what they need and think about their own health and wellbeing.

The Young Health Programme Scholarship to One Young World is one way we are supporting the growth and development of a network of youth health advocates.  In July 2017 we announced our YHP Scholarship which received more than 1,800 applications!  It was extremely difficult to choose our delegates but we’re excited to share them with you here!  Keep your eye on these young people.  They are already driving great positive change in their local communities and we hope that their experience at One Young World will help them connect to ideas and individuals that will multiply this effect.

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I am actively engaged in working to help educate young people on their health rights, the power of advocacy, and how they can move from idea to action….I also believe that the best way to move anything forward is with the people who it will affect so I actively intertwine the need for more youth in power and at tables…they wish to sit at.

Alyssa Frampton Youth Health Advocate and Public Policy Student, Canada

As a youth worker I always say that bringing change is my job. But when talking about significant change I value the small changes visible impact more…Despite the loaded everyday agenda I usually travel [back] to my hometown and organize meetings with young girls and boys, where I share my story and inspire them to study abroad, focus on their education, work on themselves and follow their dreams.

Aysun Zeynalova Deputy Chairwoman, National Assembly of Youth Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan

I am a public health advocate with a strong focus towards improving quality of life through health promotion and disease prevention. I want to help make the world a place in which a child's health status is not a reflection of his or her socioeconomic status, race, gender or neighborhood.I am passionate in my belief that health is a human right - and committed to a future of promoting that right for all as a public health professional.

Basant Motawi MD, MPH, Founder and CEO, Aspire, Egypt

I am passionate about Sexual and Reproductive Health(SRH) particularly among young people, this is because its undeniable that young people are indeed exposed to and are engaging in sexual activities at a very young age…To solve the challenge of access to credible information in real time, awkwardness in talking about issues concerning sexual and reproductive amongst young people (14-24years old), Sophie Bot was created. Sophie Bot-a haven online through which the youth can get safe information.

Beverly Mutindi Co-Founder, Sophie BOT, Kenya

[I am] passionate about how through the Corporate Sector one can contribute to improving the quality of life of low-income communities; youth leadership and sustainable development... I am cofounder of Bive, a healthcare social business that that facilitates and improves access to quality, timely and affordable healthcare services for vulnerable and low Income communities in Colombia.

Diana Quintero Co-Founder, BIVE, Colombia

In partnership with the government institutions we are trying also to create enabling environment for the young youth through youth friendly services and advocating for government to implement policies that are responsive to health risks and rights of adolescents boys and girls. I also believe that investing in young people health is investing in better future.

Editar Ochieng Social Worker, Kenya

I am passionate about healthcare and building community in order to build a healthy society…. found healthcare social media Burundi and co-found healthcare social media Africa. It is a tweet chat and citizen driven-community which was created to promote sustainable e-health development.

Egide Haragirimana Co-Founder, English Medical and Social Media Activist, Burundi

…once you save a child's life you save the future, but more importantly I engage in reproductive health because I know that I cannot reach the child without going through the mother, and so a healthy mother means a healthy child, and a healthy child means a prosperous and promising future generation.

George Msengi Medical Student, Hubert Kairuki Memorial University, Tanzania

Since entering medical school, I have become overwhelmingly aware of the health disparities that effect children, and the social issues that are at the root of these disparities. I believe that all children should be given the same opportunities for success through access to food, healthcare, and education. Children are the most vulnerable population in the world, and being so, their human rights are more easily overlooked or left out of essential protections.

Jade Cobern Medical Student, University of Mississippi School of Medicine and American Academy of Pediatrics, United States of America

[I am] the Executive Director of YUVA; one of the largest youth-run NGOs of Africa. YUVA is focused on making a long-term impact by helping children and young people living in poverty, or not being able to have access to basics. We have a bold vision: ensuring Quality Education, Good Health, Empowerment and Employment for young people through our programmes so we can achieve the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty and to ensure a bright future of children and young people of Mauritius.

Krishna Lall Athal Executive Director, YUVA (Youth United in Voluntary Action), Mauritius

The young people I have reached with during outreaches are trying to reduce their habits because they know the impact of their today’s lifestyle on their future… Educating the students and pupils has also helped them increase their knowledge in science, because science is all about facts and that is what the Young Health Programme is all about, giving the youth information about their health risks based on facts of research.

Julian Kainyu Peer Educator, Plan International Kenya, Kenya

I am most passionate about the rights of women especially in the areas of Female Genital Mutilation, Forced child marriage and education for the girl child. In 2014 alone, over 8,000 young girls in Southern Nigeria under went Female Genital Mutilation. This statistic spurred me to creating this organization that ensures that young people in Nigeria now address issues that affect them, issues such as FGM and women oppression, through a formal and organized medium designed for impact and revamp of the status quo.

Kennedy Ekezie-Joseph Founder and Executive Director, Calabar Youth Council for Women’s Rights, Nigeria

Three things in life that are important i.e. Experiences, Growth and Contribution. Experiences make us stronger, and they broaden our minds; thoughts and inner beings. [My work] has given me a self reflective mechanism in all the activities i do that affect those who surround me. Being an example of hope is the only way to diffuse hopelessness.

Lea Masamo Executive Director, Africa Sickle Cell Organisation, Kenya

I started awareness session on Saturday and Sunday in my village on health issues (cancer, Tobacco, Nutrition and WASH) from then I continued providing education to children from poor family and dedicated my life to working on this to make change in the life of children and young people, so that they can give a safe and secure environment to the next generation. The goal of my life is to give something to other which I have and I am very passionate about my goal.

Naushad Alam Khan MBA, Project Manager, Dr. AV Baglia Memorial Trust, India

I am passionate about…non communicable diseases because WHO has mentioned that in 2008, NCDs accounted for 5.2 million deaths in India…[NCDs] are the result of a combination of behaviors factor e.g. Physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, uses of tobacco and alcohol and genetic factors…Because I am a youth and I know very well that which sort of problem facing by the young people now a days…I already faced it so I want to work and aware them that how they can face this situation with positively.

Nitin Kumar Gupta MA Social Work, Program Manager, Nav Shristi, India

In Kibera, Kenya, there are a lot of dynamics involved in behaviour change communication through sensitization – this is because the community has historically been used to direct incentives and tangible benefits. This poses a challenge on the effectiveness of awareness raising on health issues. As an innovative peer educator, I have been able to work closely with already existing strictures like local youth groups, dance groups, CBOs and FBOs to reach out to young people.

Paul Odongo Peer Educator, Plan International Kenya, Kenya

I constantly strive towards impact, action and change for those who suffer at the hands of the injustices of society and the health system. Significant contributions towards research around leadership development in health systems ad achieving universal health coverage have reached multiple stakeholders at a range of different levels in the health system resulting in numerous international accolades, such as being named an Emerging Voice (EV) for Global Health in 2014 and a European Union Young Leader for Health in 2015.

Shakira Choonara PhD, Public Health, Regional Advocacy Officer, Southern African AIDS Trust, South Africa

I started my Sexual Health Rights activism as a grassroots level volunteer peer educator. My role was to educate young people with youth friendly SRH information. I also helped young people to access proper SRH services with confidentiality. I got the opportunity to work with a variety of young people, such as young sex workers, people living with HIV/AIDS, and young people with disabilities. I realized SRH of young people is much more complicated than I thought.

Vijayanathan Thusandra Project Coordinator, National Peace Council of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka

I’ve transformed my role as a patient advocate into a career directly developing cancer care programs and non-communicable disease advocacy initiatives. At NCDChild…I lead their Youth Voices Connect platform, an online community connecting 80 youth advocates from various regions across the world whose lives are impacted by NCDs. Together with the Youth Voices Committee, we created the platform as a way to ensure that the organization successfully engages with youth on an ongoing basis through an accessible communications channel that will bring their priorities to the forefront of the organization’s work.

Victoria Watson MSc, Global Health, Youth Engagement, NCD Child & Health Policy Coordinator, Cancer Care Ontario, Canada

Vulnerable populations are at an increased risk of a unique set of health concerns, which are further aggravated by barriers to accessing care for those concerns…I am passionate about tackling these healthcare issues because despite being systemic, as a community, we can target them in various ways.

Yuvreet Kaur Medical Student, University of Toronto, Canada