YHP wins Community Investment of the Year at the Responsible Business Awards

The Young Health Programme overcame strong competition to win the prestigious Community investment of the Year award at the 9th Responsible Business Awards in London on 10 October 2018.

Three elements were cited as key to our success: innovation, impact and scalability, but it was really impact that tipped the scale in YHP’s favour. As the citation noted “on impact alone, [YHP’s] work on a critical global issue such as NCDs is remarkable. The investment to output ratio is especially impressive, clearly linking back to the business. A real model to study.”

Helen Seibel, AstraZeneca’s Associate Director, Global Community Investment said “This is a great day for the YHP, recognising the hard work of our many partners across the world – those researching and advocating for action on youth and NCD risk behaviours; and those running national programmes to help young people change the trajectory of their lives. The journey has been truly inspiring and we are thrilled to win this award”.

The ‘output ratio’ that contributed to the success resulted from a Social Return On Investment (SROI) analysis undertaken in 2017 on four of the YHP’s core on-the-ground programmes in Brazil, Canada, India and Romania. This indicated that between $6 and $9 were returned in social value for every $1 invested in the programmes. More important than the numbers the analysis made it clear where the social value in the programmes lay and so provided a clear path to make our current and future projects even more successful.